Therapy Pump


The Recovery Edge Therapy System consists of a pneumatic pump which is light and simple to use and a 4 chamber garment. It is suitable for home use.


The pump supplies air via connecting tubes to an inflatable garment allowing the application of controlled pressure to gently compress the limb. This action assists in increasing the return of blood, excess fluids, improves venous stasis and encourages the reabsorption of waste products.

Compression Cycle:
36sec inflation (9sec each chamber) / 24 sec deflation
Chamber 1 (Foot) = 36sec
Chamber 2 (Ankle) = 27sec
Chamber 3 (Calf) = 18sec
Chamber 4 (Thigh) = 9sce

Variable pressure output ranges from 20 – 100 mmHg.
The segmentswithin the garments are designed to prevent ridging and ensure high patient comfort and compliance.

The importance of having a sequential “GRADIENT” Pump
It is designed to deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the distal end (foot) of the garment and gradually decreases towards the proximal (top) end of the garment.

This gradient pressure promotes better venous blood flow which in turn will control swelling, varicosities, let fatigue, and other problematic leg conditions.

This improves the efficiency of the valves which return the blood to your body. The “squeeze” in a graduated compression garment is most firmat the bottom and reduces toward the top of the garment. This difference creates an effective pump which, working with the movement of your calf, muscle, pushes fluid and blood back up through the body. Also our gradient system prevent blood and lymph fluid for reversing to leg or arm during inflation time.

Gradient: appx 7%
Example: Foot 60 mmHg – Ankle 56 mmHg – Calf 52 mmHg – Thigh 48 mmHg




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