Recovery Edge Therapy System

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The RECOVERY EDGE THERAPY system is an ALL-IN-ONE medical grade compression pump and specialty garments system, that has revolutionized the speed with which athletes can now recover at home, every day. Recovery Edge Therapy COMPLETE System includes: 2 full length compression leg boots, 1 therapy pump unit, and 1 therapy pump cord. Choose leg sleeve sizes L (30″ inseam) or XL (34″ inseam).


(2) full length compression leg boots
(1) therapy pump unit
(1) therapy pump cord
(1) User manual

Technical Specifications

Model Number

RETS – 1000

Supply Voltage

120 V

Supply Frequency

60 Hz

Electrical Rating


Fuse Rating


Case Material

ABS Plastic


11.8” (300mm)


8.3” (210mm)


15.1” (130mm)


4.5lbs (2kg)


Leg Boots, Leg Boots w/ Arms and Shoulder, Leg Boots w/ Body Waist, Leg Boots w/ Body Waist, Arms and Shoulder

Leg Sleeve Size

Large, 6' and below, XLarge, 6' and above

Safety Guidelines

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  1. Michael Peterson

    This is an amazing device that should be considered if you are an athlete. I have been running my whole life and this device is wonderful after a big run or hike. I recommend.

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