Frequently Asked Questions

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is an advanced medical grade sequential gradient pneumatic compression pump unit with various garments available for legs, arms, or waist.

Each garment has 4 air chambers that inflate and deflate using room temperature air with the result of providing sequential compression circulation therapy.

Elite athletes know the constant rigors of training will break the body and muscles down before building them up. One of the most under-appreciated aspects of the training formula is recovery and it’s often this very distinction that separates the top athletes from the pack. How you recover after every training session and competition makes a big difference in your performance the next day. Increased circulation between training sessions helps to remove waste products, decrease inflammation and restore the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. Recovery Edge Therapy significantly increases circulation during use and can be used daily to accelerate the recovery process and allow for better quality workouts and more training volume.

Use Recovery Edge Therapy System at home on the couch, bed or your favorite chair while you read or watch your favorite TV show. The system does all the work. The entire process is simple, relaxing, and serves an important therapeutic role. Athletes can also use them in training rooms or designated area in a facility.

There are 3 ways to use the Recovery Edge Therapy System:

 1 – Pre Workout or Competition. Use the Recovery Edge Therapy System before a workout for 15-20 minutes to energize the venous system and increase circulation before heavy exertion, allowing you to hit full stride very quickly.

2 – Post Workout or Competition. Use the Recovery Edge Therapy System immediately after a workout or competition for 30-45 minutes.

3 – End of Day. If you wait until after your workout and go about your daily activities, we suggest using it 1 – 1.5 hours in the evening.

The Recovery Edge Therapy System uses regulated compression garments to massage your fatigued muscles. The process involves slipping into the specially-designed garments and letting the device rejuvenate your body. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments and circulatory system are all massaged, in a specific pattern, optimized to speed the natural recovery process. In less than an hour, Recovery Edge Therapy System relieves swelling, soreness and fatigue brought on by vigorous exercise – providing not only the benefits of a traditional massage, but also helping to eliminate problematic waste produced during exertion.

In addition to providing therapeutic massage and muscle stimulation, the Recovery Edge Therapy System plays other key roles in the recovery process. During exertion, muscles produce waste and water. During heavy exertion, like vigorous exercise and training, high levels of this metabolic waste are produced, and the body can’t clear them quickly enough. This build-up causes muscle fatigue and a decrease in muscle performance. Lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other waste products must be evacuated. The body relies on the circulatory system to flush the waste and provide muscles with the fuel and blood cells they need. After exertion, the efficiency of this venous return system decreases significantly. Compression therapy mimics and encourages “active recovery” of muscles. The massaging effect provides muscles with the stimulation of active techniques such as cool-down jogs. The blood continues to flow, speeding the evacuation of metabolic waste, and increasing the supply of fuel. Compression encourages blood flow and prevents the slow-down of venous return. All of this adds up to a faster recovery time, decreased soreness, and less fatigue.

Anyone that can benefit from faster recovery after performing any kind of athletic workout, race, sport or activity that involves periods of exertion and muscle fatigue is able to use the Recovery Edge Therapy System. Even if you are not a competitive athlete, but simply on your feet often or walking around all day for work, compression therapy can help your circulation when your muscles and body feel tired.

The Recovery Edge Therapy System promotes revitalization and muscle recovery. The Recovery Edge Therapy System can help promote increased circulation and help the body flush out any waste and toxins by compression massage – treating the arterial and lymphatic systems, ligaments, veins, and muscles. 

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturer is based in California and maintains an FDA registered facility following strict quality control guidelines. Our manufacturer has produced thousands of compression pump devices from basic to clinical and hospital grade models for almost ten years.

Yes, the Recovery Edge Therapy System is FDA cleared with an existing 510K and manufactured at a medical grade level.

A sequential gradient pump improves venous and lymphatic fluid flow. It is designed to deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the distal end (foot) of the garment and gradually decreases towards the proximal (top) end of the garment.

This improves the efficiency of the valves which return the blood to your body. The “squeeze” in a gradient compression garment is most firm at the bottom and reduces toward the top of the garment. This difference creates an effective pump which when working with the movement of your calf muscle, pushes fluid and blood back up through the body. Also our gradient system prevents blood and lymph fluid from reversing back down the leg or arm during inflation time.

Returning the fluids and blood to the body in an efficient manner allows new, nutrient-rich fluids into your feet, legs, or arms, keeping you healthy. This gradient pressure promotes better venous blood flow which in turn will control swelling, varicosities, leg fatigue, and other problematic leg and arm conditions.

Sequential pumps with gradient pressure have proven to be the best devices for reducing the lymphatic fluid in the limb in a comfortable and efficient manner. These pumps function in much the same manner as the body does by utilizing the muscle pump. The body uses various muscle groups to move the lymphatic fluid through the channels. Unlike the vascular system, the lymphatic system does not have a built-in pump. The vascular system has the heart to pump the blood through the body while the lymphatic system relies on the muscle groups to rhythmically move the fluid through the body.

All the Recovery Edge Therapy System garments have four chambers that inflate with air. A well designed compression garment that is available for medical or athletic use should have a minimum of 4 chambers. However, there are no scientific studies available that claim 6 chambers are better than 4, or 12 chambers are better than 6, etc.

Massages, ice baths, and the Recovery Edge Therapy System achieve very different outcomes.

Massage is primarily a therapy to work a muscle group, to elongate the muscle, force fluid from it, to relax or release the muscle and/or relieve spasm.

Ice baths primarily provide a huge inflow to blood into the area along with significant muscle contraction. For injury, this is desirable so as to slow inflammation from occurring. For muscle recovery from daily training, ice slows down the process because of constricting the vessels.

The Recovery Edge Therapy System treats the soreness and fatigue in the muscle systemically. What that means is we are manipulating the venous system rather than the muscle itself to remove inflammation in the joint, soft tissue and muscle tissue by applying compression and increasing circulation.

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