Cryonic NCS Technology vs Cryotherapy Technologies

Localized cryotherapy solutions: Comparison


1. Cryonic Medical CryoScreen:
2. Metrum Cryo-T Elephant:
3. Zimmer Cryo 6:
4. Cryo 21:
5. Heat transfer definition:
6. Carbon dioxide characteristics:
7. Liquid nitrogen characteristics:
8. Nature of nitrogen fog:
9. Azote-based solution:
10. R507 -based solution:
11. Peltier effect:
12. Peltier-based solutions:
13. Etude technique de la NeuroCryoStimulation, A Sabbah
14. Dynamiques de refroidissement sous cryothérapie par azote liquide vaporisé et par glace, JL Lecroart, G Deklunder, Y Houdas

Recovery Edge System

The Recoery Edge System is simple to use and is an essential tool to enhance your training routine. It’s light weight, portable and can be worn on any part of the body.

Cryonic USA System

The Cryonic USA device uses technology and comfort for optimal use that stimulates the skin receptors that send a powerful and very fast message to obtain a reflex response.