Recovery Edge Therapy

Simple to use and is an essential tool to enhance your training routine

About the System

​With the Recovery Edge Therapy System, you can feel refreshed and restored going into your next competition. Maximize your performance today with advanced recovery!

Increase Circulation

​Increasing circulation increases blood flow and removes bodily waste products.


​Sequential compression forces the body to flush out metabolic waste; which if left unflushed, would cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle.


​Use as a pre-exercise warm-up tool for muscles and joints to increase circulation and blood flow, boost muscle power and reduce injury risk.


​Typically 15-30 minutes of use is enough to expedite the body’s muscle recovery equal to 12 to 24 hours of natural rest alone.


​How you recover after training makes a difference in your performance the next day.



Learn about the amazing benefits of the the Recovery Edge Therapy System

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The Recovery Edge Therapy System is a medical-grade compression device which helps accelerate recovery time from muscle soreness and stiffness - in the comfort of your own home!

Science Overview

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is a medical-grade compression device which helps accelerate recovery time from muscle soreness and stiffness - in the comfort of your own home!

The System uses compression chambers in several body-targeted garments (legs, back, arm, and waist). The System massages these areas after they have become fatigued during an athletic workout and/or competition.

The System affects the body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall circulatory system. In addition to reducing fatigue, the System’s goal is to reduce soreness and swelling. In fact, just 30 to 60 minutes of donning the Recovery Edge Therapy System is comparable to 12 to 24 hours of standalone rest.

Each garment uses air compression via a safe, user-friendly pump to enhance circulation throughout the body.

Removing Metabolic Waste

The body produces increased amounts of metabolic waste during periods of high-level activity. Metabolic waste is matter that the body cannot utilize in a productive way; additionally, the waste has negative effects that cause fatigue and soreness. Two key wastes that create the most soreness and/or fatigue are lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The body’s circulatory system naturally disposes of these wastes, however, the process is slowed down once activity is completed and the body is in a state of rest. Therefore, our bodies can sometimes “hold on” to the wastes too long and create longer-lasting fatigue and soreness.

Compression therapy like that provided by the Recovery Edge Therapy System, enhances the body’s natural process of circulation to eliminate waste without any post-activity delay. The System engages the venous system (veins), helping to flow blood and oxygen to the muscles, while simultaneously decreasing amounts of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other wastes that are naturally produced by the muscles during exercise. This process results in higher performance on the following day(s) of activity.

Why is Recovery Important?

Even if athletes are not injured, recovery after moderate-to-intense activity is essential in order to keep the body performing at its highest levels. In fact, a regular recovery regimen is one of the key factors in separating elite athletes from other competitors.

Some athletes will participate in active recovery. This is a lower-level of activity such as walking, light jogging or cycling, yoga, etc. The goal of active recovery is to remove lactic acid more rapidly after a high-intensity workout.

Others will participate in passive recovery. One of the most popular methods of passive recovery is RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation.). The goal of this method is to increase circulation and reduce swelling or inflammation.

The Recovery Edge Therapy System offers the benefits of both types of recovery methods by utilizing the sequential compression system which improves the flow of lymphatic fluid and white blood cells throughout the body. This allows metabolic waste to exit the body sooner and decrease the likelihood of swelling or inflammation. These benefits work in combination to provide muscle revitalization and an enhanced level of performance the next day.

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How to Use System

The Recovery Edge Therapy System is designed to be the most compact and durable system on the market and ready to go everywhere you need. Each treatment is quick and easy to start. In just a few simple steps, you can begin enjoying the real benefits.

Quick and Easy Steps to use Everyday

FIRST, put on the boots and zip into the device.
SECOND, select your desired level of intensity and duration.
THIRD, turn the switch on.
FOURTH, sit back and enjoy the treatment.

High levels of adjustable compression air quickly fill each Leg Boot with superior bottom-to-top sequential compression that forces the body to reabsorb metabolic which if left unabsorbed would cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle. Treatment times may vary from person to person, but typically a half-hour to an hour is enough to expedite the body’s circulatory and muscle recovery which is equal to 12 to 24 hours of rest.

FIFTH, when the treatment is completed, the unit will automatically turn off and deflate.



ONE – Our specially designed foot compartment accesses the bottom of the foot, which can increase circulation up to 25% in comparison to devices without this bottom-of-the-foot chamber.

TWO – The air pressure moves from the tip of your toes through the ankle, calf and thigh, gently massaging one after another. The air pressure soothes your veins, allowing for a greater flow of blood and other bodily fluids.

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Why Everyone Loves the Recovery Edge Therapy System. We let our products speak for themselves.


“I have been using the Recovery Edge Therapy System for about 2 months now and I have noticed a huge difference. I use the full-length compression leg boots everyday. Not only does it feel great during treatment but it actually works!!! Playing beach volleyball takes a toll on my legs and they can easily become fatigued. Since using this therapy system, my legs have felt fresh and rested going into every practice, game, and workout. Last summer I was in the best shape of my life but my legs would still get fatigued during matches and I couldn’t understand why. Now with the Recovery Edge Therapy my legs are never sore and I feel like I am jumping and moving at my max during every point of every match. Beach volleyball tournaments are typically 2-3 days of competition in a row. I can honestly say that in the last few tournaments I have played, my legs have felt as good, if not better, on day 2 and 3 as they did on day 1. I am still in awe of this recovery system and absolutely recommend it to everybody. It has definitely helped me gain an edge on my competitors and it can help you too!”

Emily Stockman
Professional Beach Volleyball Player
Competing in the AVP, NORCEA, FIVB World Tour

“As an elite basketball athlete, recovery plays a huge part in how well you perform in practice, the game, gym, etc… Ever since I started using the Recovery Edge Therapy System, I have noticed a drastic change in the way my body feels after using it. I thought I was in really good shape but still at times my body would get fatigued and muscles tightened. The Recovery Edge Therapy System has been vital in keeping me fresh, competitive, and at my best in every single session, especially my back to back games that occur during our basketball season. I have been using the System 2-3 times a day for the past couple of months. I can 110% say if you don’t have this recovery system then you are doing recovery wrong! THIS IS THE BEST RECOVERY SYSTEM out there and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whether you are an elite athlete, runner, worker, etc… It will definitely help you in all aspects.”

Brian Jackson
2-Time AFL Champion
Coach, Team Jackson Kicking

“Optimizing your recovery becomes the game breaker for high level performance. You reach a point where everyone is showing up every day, everyone is pushing for their maximum potential in their training, but it is in the decisions you make outside of your sport that will allow you to leap to the top and separate you from the field. And it all begins with recovery. Recovery Edge Therapy has really allowed me to optimize my recovery getting my legs flushed and ready for my next day of training!”

Lauren McGuire
Professional Speed Skater, Team Canada
Competing in the World Cup, Canada Cup, North American Championships

“I was looking for something to speed up my recovery for a long time. Now, even after a hard day of training, within no time my legs feel fresh and I’m ready to go again. Thank you so much Recovery Edge Therapy for this great deal!”

Saskia Alusalu
World Cup Speed Skater
Competing in the World Cup, European Championships

“I started using Recovery Edge in January 2016 and it totally helped me in my routine of every day training. It’s great to use this System after a long day of training and having my feet locked in skates all day it really helps getting my feet back into action for the next day. I can only suggest Recovery Edge to any athlete that’s looking for the perfect sports recovery system! This one works great!”

Michal Brezina
Professional Figure Skater
2013 European Bronze Medalist, 2011 Skate America Champion, 2010 Czech National Champion, 2009 World Junior Silver Medalist

“I am happy to be a part of team Recovery Edge Therapy and the air compression unit has been a big part of my recent success in achieving the best shape of my life! I have always trained hard but now I can recover faster I feel the unit helps me flush out the lactic acid therefore attain a much more efficient recovery process. Being a mixed martial artist, I use all my body so having the arm and shoulder sleeve has been just as essential as the leg sleeves. The waist belt has also been amazing for after intense long days of strength and conditioning training when my low mid back gets very tight and locked up. Being 33 years old, recovery has to be a main focus in order to stay at the top of my game. The complete system is a must for me. I couldn’t imagine training without it.”

Diego Sanchez
Professional Mixed Martial Artist
KOTC Welterweight Champion, All-Time Leader in UFC Fight of the Night Awards, 2x UFC Fight of the Year Awards

“Recovery Edge Therapy has been instrumental in recovering Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers at our camps over the last year. We’ve had numerous Specialists purchase these affordable, high quality units for quick recovery during their seasons, as well as in their off-season training. While Kickers and Snappers are exerting energy and force within their legs and arms, the Recovery Edge units are vital for quick, efficient recovery. I would highly recommend Recovery Edge Therapy to any athletes as well as professional, collegiate and high school programs.”

Michal Brezina
Professional Figure Skater
2013 European Bronze Medalist, 2011 Skate America Champion, 2010 Czech National Champion, 2009 World Junior Silver Medalist


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